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Learning & Leadership, through Creative Practice


At the core of the learning organisation is the mantra: “unearth your authentic voices, by increasing your self-awareness, balance and resonance”. That is: learn about yourself; Listen to yourself; Determine what you value;   Develop trust in yourself; Lead yourself; Unearth your authentic voices; express yourself, authentically. An essential sub-set to this mantra is: “be yourself, be proactive, voice yourself: become authentic.”

Contribution for further education

Our charity – Saraswati Trust: Betty June Linton Page & Dhanlaxmi Patel tertiary scholarship* – was launched in India in March 2019 supporting the ongoing formal education of Indian women who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The focus at this time is supporting graduating students from a village high school in Gujarat State; the original home of Harsha’s grandparents. *The charity is named to honour David and Harsha’s mothers, who did not enjoy the opportunity of formal tertiary studies and/or schooling, which they have both been privileged with.