The Institute of Sustainable Authentic Practice (instisap.com) focus is Self-Learning and Self-Leadership, through Creativity. instisap.com is an all-inclusive, sustainable learning organisation focusing on guiding and facilitating aspiring authentic practitioners and global self-referential activists on their personal learning journeys, through developing their creativity.

We each have multiple voices within us, tied to our multiple personas. We each are: a friend; a partner; a parent; an income earner; A hobbyist; A doer and a creator. But are we in touch with each and every persona equally? Are we authentically connected to each dimension of our personality; In order to express our multiple voices freely, authentically, everyday? Do we each express our creativity fully everyday?

The founders of Instisap.com engage across a range of industries, fields and disciplines. They have developed solutions to assist aspiring professionals in becoming more fully connected in every area of their life, right now. Instisap.com offers a coaching and mentoring program, guiding aspiring professionals on their personal journey to self-awareness, to more effectively – authentically – connect to their multiple personas, and voices.

The Vision for INSTISAP

At the heart of this ecological perspective is acceptance that the Subjective individual – you – sits within an environment, culture, a society, a community, a family, a network. The point of self-awareness is not for you to become isolated and live on a proverbial island – it is to develop and grow as you are designed to be and do within the extraordinarily complex embodied vessel that we have all been granted in life – the human body.

The body is an amazingly complex resource which science has evidenced we understand such a small percentage of. More alarmingly, science also evidences how little the average person exercises their personal agency of their known capabilities. Our hope is to inspire greater exercising of one’s faculties and development of one’s overall personal agency. My belief is that, with an improved focus of self, we as a human race can develop a global citizen of greater integrity and be more collaborative and collegial in order to develop an exponentially greater standard of living for all of the globe’s inhabitants. I believe a more authentic standard of living requires us to channel and acknowledge input from a wider range of cultures than we do today, and as a result, we will be better positioned to realise a more sustainable existence on Planet Earth.

Who is David L Page?

Instisap.com’s Founder/Director David L Page is an experienced professional and an aspiring academic. David has developed his learning and leadership expertise having worked across multiple industries, in multiple disciplines (engineering, business management, education, stewardship, and creative practice). This diverse experience – grounded in a broad range of formal tertiaryl studies – includes: education, learning & training in the workplace, and in a range of educational facilities; Hospitality; Cross-cultural relations; Organisational governance and strategic development; financial and operational management; Business development; Human resources; Trade union negotiation; Consultancy; Pastoral care and creative practice.

David is currently progressing an auto-ethnographical doctoral study examining his creative practice. A number of observations have emerged, allowing David to develop a model of: Self-Learning and Self-Leadership, through Creative Practice. David has recently published a chapter in the book Business Warriors Vol 1; is working on a book for release in early 2020; and is presenting a paper of his doctoral journey entitled “Music & Sound-making in our Everyday Lives” at an International Conference at Nottingham University, UK in September 2019.

Who is Harsha B Patel?

Instisap.com’s Founder/Principal Harsha B Patel is an experienced professional and international facilitator trainer. She has worked across multiple-industries, as a multi-disciplined practitioner. Grounded in formal educational studies, Harsha’s professional experience includes: competency-based training; Retail service provision; Sales and marketing; Work-place education & training; Cross-cultural promotion; Business development; Cross-cultural relations; Organisational management; Financial management; Change management; Human resources management; leadership; Strategic management; Trade union negotiation; Consultancy; Education & learning and pastoral care.

Harsha has liaised with clients from over 30 countries, including QANTAS, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tiger Air, Saudi Arabian National Guard, Saudi Arabian Ministry of National Guard, Royal Saudi Airforce, Lifeflight. Harsha has recently gained her license to fly drones commercially.